We often greet customers coming through the doors and discover that they think of Carpet One as either a single large corporation or individual franchises. That is actually not the case. As an independent and family owned business for over 35 years, we joined the Carpet One co-op for numerous reasons.

  • Substantial group buying power to offer better values for our customers.
  • Ability to learn from each of the other Carpet One members.
  • Product Innovations such as H2O carpet and Healthy Living install that would not have been cost effective to develop as a single store.
  • Ability to maintain our own identity and roots.

While there is nothing wrong with franchises or large corporations, we are proud to be able to maintain our own brand identity, serve our local community and run the business in the best interest of our customers. However, being part of the Carpet One co-op gives us much better pricing and more innovative products to offer. This truly is a win-win situation for us and customers.

Carpet One has a short statement about this that we are including here that describes this very well.

Who We Are

We create spaces. We are we, no I or they. We are members. We are owners. We are parents, siblings, grandparents and cousins. We see the opportunity in supporting one another. And all those within our communities. We are family. We leverage generation. We learn from the past. We style the future. We are adaptable. We love what we do. We play well with others. We love to laugh. We never miss a chance to express gratitude. We know local matters. We do the ground work for you. We fashion community together. We give back. We give often. We never stop imagining what a good life takes and gives back. We invest in the environment because we rely on the environment. We must. We invest in our children’s children. We believe in a better tomorrow. We are driven by connection. We embrace the work and the joy of daily life. We operate on principle. We offer value. We are your store. We always have been. We always will be. We see good things happen every day. We are people helping people. We remove barriers. We don’t create them. We get the job done. We dare to be different. We are quality over quantity. We are on time. We are timeless. We honor the individual. We celebrate the collective. We are many members. We are one force. We are one vision.
We are building a better world.
Now. Together.

We are Carpet One.
We are a Co-Operative.